Clickscape provides instant
in the moment data

It is the industry’s most accurate way to demonstrate how a product performs when it matters

Clickscape opens up a new world that enables you to save time and money through making more informed decisions based on accurate and insightful data

N = 30
5-20 Days
Data / Report
1 Day
Insanely Better
Average entries per person
7 x Better
Tech cost per consumer
33% Cheaper Per Project
Net cost per data point
85% Cheaper Per Data Point

App vs Clickscape

Data / Report
Average Entries Per Person
Cost Per Consumer
Cost Per Data Point

Clickscape’s wearable technology makes it simple to collect data on the go

Customers can take your button with them wherever they go, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for collecting data in real time

The Button attached to a ring of car keysThe Button attached to brake line for bicycleThe Button being used in a vehicle

Clickscape enables all industries to capture data and uncover insight in the moment

The data variables that you want to capture are completely customisable on our Dashboard. See some examples of how you might use our button to gain insight.