Hints and Tips

Thank you for exploring Clickscape, our aim is to keep your purchase as simple as possible, here’s how it works:

The Button

Once you have purchased, the button is yours, however, you will need a licence per user per project (see licence) – each brand new button comes with its first licence ready for use.

The Licence

Each licence allows you one project for one user, so if you want to run a test with 30 consumers, you will need 30 licences. The licence gives you the use of one email address for a 30 day period from that consumers first click.

Using your licences

For each project, you will need to send through the list of email addresses for your project, and we will create your test on our database. When your consumer enters their email address into the app, it will check against the database and redeem 1 licence. If the email address isn’t recognised, your consumer will be made aware, and can either correctly input if a mistake was made, or contact you for assistance.

Raw Data

Your raw data is available upon request, we recommend 24hours after the end of your fieldwork. It is sent to you in excel format with the following fields:

  • Button Id
  • User ID / Email Address
  • Time
  • Binary Click (one or two clicks)
  • Dashboards

Clickscape can create bespoke dashboards to generate live data, contact us for more details