Clickscape provides instant in the moment data

It's a patent pending new metric, for precise decision making and planning

It's the industries most accurate way to demonstrate how a product performs when it matters...

The system couldn’t be simpler. Choose your measures and away you go.


  • Compact - 3cm wide
  • Bluetooth enabled
  • Low energy = long battery life
  • LED Validation System
  • Internal memory stores
    user specific demographics
  • Option to self brand
The button
Clickscape logo shown on a phone screen


  • First time only connection
  • User friendly interface
  • Automated click search
  • Requests Data every 10 seconds
  • Captures spontaneous insight
  • Instantly uploads to Dashboard


  • Live data updated every second
  • Pre-defined metric planner
  • Bespoke to your needs
  • Cross tab builder
  • Algorithm to identify suspect data
  • Automated reporting
Clickscape logo shown on a laptop screen

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